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Red Dead Redemption FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Towards the end, there's a dynamite-packed wagon to detonate, and that about ends it for these festivities. NOTE: when firing up/downhill at targets, the gatling gun will typically fire into the top of the vehicle's cab, trashing the shot and being a useless waste of time. Try to eliminate targets from flat ground for best effect

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Item Location Reference

Third is the meat of this document, the Item Locations section, which details the items in the game and their locations. Fourth is the Trial Mode section, which lists all the items that can be obtained in Trial Mode stage by stage. At the end of the document, you will find a list of guides and other resources, many of which were invaluable to me in creating this document, others which I find

Secret of Mana FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Phoenix 1911

Wolf's Bands aren't too much of a help if you have Cobra Bracelets, so buying those is optional. If you don't have enough money, sell your old stuff first. When you're finished don't forget to equip everything , head into the castle. Watts is in the main room, if you need him. Go to the throne room and talk to the mushroom with a moustache. He welcomes you and stuff, and tells you a story

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by DG-le-Ste

Escuella ends up making a run for it, and you must chase after him. Get back down on the ground and chase Escuella out of El Presidio. You may hogtie him or kill him - your decision doesn't really affect anything. John will drag Escuella back to the cells, and is summoned by Reyes to fend off the Army reinforcements. Get to the cannon, wait for the reinforcements to approach, and then unleash

Final Fantasy XII FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

RARE GAME ALERT: Lindbur Wolf In the area to the southwest of Galtea Downs you can spawn the Lindbur Wolf if you've killed at least 20 wolves while you are in the Westersand you don't have to chain them before entering. His attacks can do in excess of 300 damage, so you really don't want to go near him if you're underlevelled. He has the Glaudius dagger 45 ATK, Wind-elemental as a rare

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by

At the end of combat, the bar will drain to empty. In its most basic form, the Adrenaline meter will give Geralt a slight boost to his damage the fuller the bar is, the more bonus damage Geralt will be able to dish out.

Grim Tales

In the end the judge spares Stan's life if only he stops playing that fiddle. Stan does so and goes free, but disapointed. Disapointed to have heaps of cash and alas not fluff. Stan does so and

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure FAQ

You start out as a toy, but your skills quickly develop, and by the end of the game, you are a legend. Your techniques and tools become mature and varied, and your art is as classical as anything in history. You gather friends and start your own gang, the Still Free Crew great name . You also make a lot of enemies, but hey, them's the breaks. : Trane is voiced by Talib Kweli, a well-known

Final Fantasy Anthology FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by

Inside here head for the items shop and purchase some DRIED MEAT, you can buy some new weapons if you like but that's not neccessary. Now head out into the Veldt which is the area outside of Mobliz and fight a battle and hopefully at the end of the battle Gau will come, if not just keep on fighting until he does. When you encounter Gau feed him some DRIED MEAT, he still wants more food

Ground Control Order of the New Dawn Guide for PC by

A example is simple escort duty at the end nearly all those units are spawned , since I have spent hours combing the map and killed everything but the units at the end are spawned. ===== What happens when units are KIA? ===== Well you lose that unit as long as one member stays alive it seems they are replenished and the unit can fight on.If they are KIA then that unit is no longer avalible for

Final Fantasy VI FAQ/Walkthrough for iOS iPhone/iPad by

Anyways, go into the room to find that the guard who claimed to be able to stay awake for days on end is throwing up Z's without end. :P Speak with Celes to learn that her hands are bound. Before you even think of coming up with some funky new button combination, unbind her, then take the key from the nearby guard. Seriously it's a bit late to say "stealing is wrong". I just stole a

LittleBigPlanet FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

And.. that's the end of the Introductory level. Yay You'll gain access to your personal pod, which you should see as your homebase where you can select what you want to do next. A new world will open up for you, called The Gardens. The next few levels will teach you more new things, plus they unlock a few goodies for you. What are you waiting for, let's go Use Square to use your Podcomputer

Terranigma FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by DC

Oh, and you'll want to end up around level 12-14 at the end of Grecliff. On floor 1F, you'll meet a new enemy, a stone monster. Gives you a healthy 17exp. The birdies give 14exp. On this floor, head to the right, then north, jump up the steps, and head down the stairs. This is floor 2F. Head south, defeat the stone enemy, and then head left, and north up the path. Push the boulder to the left

Final Fantasy VII FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by BTB

At the end of this car, you can jump off to the left real quick to nab another Hi-Potion, or continue along until you reach a big-ass steel girder which you can hop on . If you go left, it'll take you to a small corner where you can grab an Echo Screen. Furthermore, from there, you'll be able to go back down a bit, make a right, and head down until you see a part of the car that you can enter